OpenDocMan Beta – Email Notifications Improvements

In our latest beta commit we added a new feature and fixed a bug:

  • When a new file is added, or checked-in department reviewers will receive email notifications of the file waiting for review
  • Previously when you authorized or rejected a file the email notifications settings were badly broken. We have tried to fix all of these but this particular area in the code will need some further attention.

You can test-drive the latest beta here:


1.2.6 Beta Commit Log – 3/28/2012

tweeter screenshotThe most recent commits are listed below. There were some users complaining about the department-perms not working when adding a file. That issue is hopefully resolved. The locked/unlocked icon will now show locked only for files that are checked-out, or that are expired. Previously any users that had view permissions for a file were being shown the red X. Updated the installer routine to help when re-installing. If there is a config.php file the installer will now ask that the file be renamed or removed to proceed with install or upgrade. During installation, the installer will now ask to set the admin user password instead of defaulting it to be blank. UDF’s were having problems if the database user did not have ALTER perms. New “tweeter” theme has been added, and the overall themability of OpenDocMan has been improved dramatically. Users should now be able to “spin off” from the default theme, and by altering the header.tpl and footer.tpl, have a new site design. IE users (not suprisingly) were having many issues including non-functioning buttons, and the forms and text were all being centered. We have shifted the text and forms to be left-aligned now to help resolve this issue, and removed all of the <center> tags. Some translations were added.

You may download the newest beta version HERE.


- 0000444: [Input Validation] Department - Should not allow a blank department name. (logart) - resolved.
- 0000438: [User Interface] IE 7 - Buttons tags do not submit forms (logart) - resolved.
- 0000442: [User Interface] UI - Locked/Unlocked icon and red/green coloration are working wrong (logart) - resolved.
- 0000441: [Installation] Installer warns of Undefined index: dataDir (logart) - resolved.
- 0000443: [Security] Ask for admin password during installation (logart) - resolved.
- 0000440: [Core] User.php - Cannot delete user (logart) - resolved.
- 0000437: [User Interface] Check-All on the Reject and ToBePublished pages not working for IE v8 and below (logart) - resolved.
- 0000436: [Database] UDF - DB Error if no ALTER perms leaves UDF in partially created state. (logart) - resolved.
- 0000432: [Core] Case-Sensitive Search Returning Zero Results (logart) - resolved.
- 0000434: [Input Validation] User review settings not saving properly (logart) - resolved.
- 0000435: [User Interface] UI - Create new tweeter theme (logart) - resolved.
- 0000433: [User Interface] UI - templates_c needs to be cleared when changing themes (logart) - resolved.
- 0000413: [User Interface] Text in UI is centered where it shouldn't be in IE (logart) - resolved.


1.2.6 Beta Commit Log – 3/11/2012

This is a commit that creates some significant changes in the template system as well as the add/edit permissions. I moved the entire “header” of the “default” theme into one template file. This will make it easier to created custom templates. Also added translations to dataTables as well as the new multi-select tool. Initial fix for the IE-Centered text that was causing the pages to look bad. Will work more on that once all the HTML is moved into smarty template files. The User permissions area, and the filetypes editor are not using multiselect with filter. This allows for using checkboxes instead of shift/crtl-click to select items in the multiple input select boxes. Hopefully this change will make the Specific User Permissions section a little clearer.

0000428: UI – User submission of details.php/history.php design
0000430: Language – Add translations to datatablesDescription
0000413: Text in UI is centered where it shouldn’t be in IE
0000426: UI – Add MultiSelect feature to the Specific User Perms section in add/edit file pages
0000429: Convert HTML to smarty for all pages (login page, out page, and Header/Menu/Statusbar done). Themes should be easier now that all themes just need a custom header.tpl and footer.tpl.


1.2.6 Beta Commit Log – Feb 16, 2012

Today I committed a bunch of smaller changes as well as a big change. I have attempted to resolve most of the performance issues with the file list taking too long to load when there are 1000+ files in the system. Need more users to test this and provide feedback to determine if this issue is resolved.
  • UDF: Admin menu item shows blank for admin (non root) user
  • UDF: Need error trapping for mysql queries in the udf_functions
  • Large number of files causes out.php to respond slowly during initial load
  • Plug-ins: Add a hook for acting on the File->Edit/add data before it is saved
  • Add plugin hooks for file list

OpenDocMan is an open source document management system designed to comply with ISO 17025 for document management.


OpenDocMan 1.2.6 Beta – Commit Log or 6/17/11

Today I committed code from a user-submitted patch that adds a new UDF field for “Text” field UDF’s. The patch mostly worked but had to add a few fixes to get it to work in 1.2.6.

Give it a whirl and let me know if there are any issues.


1.2.6 Beta – Change Log – 02/12/2011

These commits are mostly minor bug fixes to the 1.2.6beta. Of substantial note is the new “Delete Department” feature that has been a long time coming. It will now prompt you to choose a department to re-assign the old department data to.

There are no database updates in this latest round of changes.

Please bang on this release a bit and report any bugs/issues/suggestions at:
OpenDocMan Bug Tracking

Download here:
1.2.6 Daily

02/12/2011 Changelog
– 0000338: [User Interface] Cannot delete department (logart) – resolved.
– 0000359: [Input Validation] Cannot delete category (logart) – resolved.
– 0000353: [User Interface] settings.php is loading installation css file, causing page width issues (logart) – resolved.
– 0000352: [Database] Upgrade from to 1.2.6 does not add filetypes entries (logart) – resolved.
– 0000347: [Plugin] Part of plug-in implementation not working (logart) – resolved.
– 0000348: [Plugin] Redirect error when loading HelloWorld plug-in page (logart) – resolved.
– 0000345: [Database] Could not update version number during upgrade from v1.2.5.7 to v1.2.6 (logart) – resolved.
– 0000344: [Core] Config.php and cannot select 1.2.6 for reporting (logart) – resolved.
– 0000343: [Input Validation] File checkout process in IE7 renames the file using underscores (logart) – resolved.
– 0000302: [Core] Move /etc/mime.types usage to only mime-types in odm file (logart) – resolved.
– 0000334: [Core] Notice: Undefined index: page_limit in search.php on line 50 (logart) – resolved.