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  1. Diego Gil August 27, 2013 at 6:21 am #

    We are interested to acquire Opendocman. We have some questions about the product.

  2. Kos semonski June 5, 2014 at 4:48 am #

    Steve. Sent replies by email. Maybe they were filtered. Here it is again.

    Well, I muddled through the server setup…. did a headless Linux VM on my home lab system….

    my plan / config is to do periodic EXPORTS of the MySQL DB and to store that export within the documents folder, which is on a network volume (not the VM running OpenDocMan) and let that flow into my usual backup routines.

    that way, if something bad happens, I have all the docs, and I have the SQL Export to re-construct the DB….

    I figured out file size limits within ODM and PHP, so that seems good…..

    I did have a few other questions regarding setting up READ ONLY users…. I’m using this for personal / home use….. I want my wife and I to be able to add / delete / modify any doc in the system, but I would prefer a general login ID that allows viewing of documents, but no ability to delete or modify or add docs. Is that possible?

    Also, I’d like a little run through on the theory of operation of a recovery….. (e.g. install Fresh and Clean OpenDocMan, overwrite MySQL DB, etc…) that way, I have a sequential cheat sheet for recovery if it is ever needed…

    If your admin training can at least hit these two items, and if you have way more cool stuff that you can share (admin docs & user docs) I’d be willing to subscribe to your SUPPORT package @ $149

    I’m a pretty quick study, and the system will have relatively low volume (as compared to a company)…..

    Let me know your thoughts.

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