OpenDocMan provides enterprise document management system features for those that require more from their OpenDocMan DMS. Our Enterprise Suite contains all of the features of OpenDocMan and also includes:

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Turnkey Installer

Our simple installer will allow you to install the entire OpenDocMan service onto your Linux server with a one-line command.

Air-Gap Option

Need to install the software in an air-gapped environemt with not Internet connectivity? Not a problem. Our Enterprise plan comes with the option of installing without an external network.

Automatic Updates

Never let your software become old again! You can very easily keep your installation up-to-date. Just one click!

Performance Monitor

Monitor the performance of you services right from the control panel.


Install the services in your own data center or cloud services. You control the hardware and network.

Automated and Manual Snapshots

Our enterprise document management system comes with the ability to create “snapshot” backups of your site, documents and database.

Audit Trail

Keep a detailed log of administrator access and actions inside the control panel.

Installation Documentation

Video Walkthrough

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