CSC – Worldwide

CSC is subscribing to this DMS for the purpose of managing OPTARS proposal documents and providing a common repository that all OPTARS contractors have access to for viewing and/or editing existing proposal documents, and for authoring and uploading new proposal documents.


Prilep Brewery 1924 – Prilep, Republic of Macedonia.

Brewery located in the Republic of Macedonia. They are using OpenDocMan to help organize their contracts. – Arizona

Broadband and Voip service provider.


The Kiwi Club of New York, Inc. – New York

The program is being used by this non-profit social club in New York (for New Zealander’s living in the US) to archive board documents, photos, documents, newsletters,etc.. They are trying to digitize their 20+ years worth of paper documents.


FITECO, Woodway, TX

National response team helping to defeat wildfires throughout the US.


St. Louis Professional Coders, St. Louis, MS

A local American Academy of Professional Coders chapter that is dedicated to the advancement of local professional medical coders.


Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital, Dublin Ireland

Hospital in Ireland that uses OpenDocMan 

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