1.2.6 Beta Commit Log – Feb 16, 2012

Today I committed a bunch of smaller changes as well as a big change. I have attempted to resolve most of the performance issues with the file list taking too long to load when there are 1000+ files in the system. Need more users to test this and provide feedback to determine if this issue is resolved.
  • UDF: Admin menu item shows blank for admin (non root) user
  • UDF: Need error trapping for mysql queries in the udf_functions
  • Large number of files causes out.php to respond slowly during initial load
  • Plug-ins: Add a hook for acting on the File->Edit/add data before it is saved
  • Add plugin hooks for file list

OpenDocMan is an open source document management system designed to comply with ISO 17025 for document management.


1.2.6 Beta Commit Log – Feb 13, 2012

  • Fixed some issues where custom subject/comment values were not being used in email notices
  • Updated the language files to include a new string. Updated a couple others.
  • Updated jQuery to 1.7.1
  • Moved the DataTables library to a folder called DataTables (without the version number)
  • Added check-all to the approve/reject list

Committed revision 829.
Revision: 829
Author : logart
Date : Feb 13, 2012 7:04:49 AM
0000414: File Review: Reviewer approval email subject not being used
0000415: Email comments not included in reject/accept email
Added check-all to authorization/reject list
Updated DataTables and renamed the folder
Updated to jQuery 1.7.1
Language files updated

==[IDE]== Feb 13, 2012 7:05:08 AM Committing… finished.