OpenDocMan as been released. This release does not include any database changes but it does include a few substantial changes to the email notifications system as well as other bug fixes.

Changes included in this release:

#109 - Group specific email notifications for approved/rejected do not appear to work
#108 - Only the first file in a multi-upload are being logged into the access log
#107 - Add an onAfterDetails and onAfterHistory plug-in methods
#106 - Reviewers comments not showing up right on details page
#105 - Move the details page into a smarty templatized page
#104 - Add a new report for current files
#103 - Bootstrap.min.js not found in login page
#102 - Show the full 255 char description in the file list
#100 - Update Italian Translation from Forum
#99 - Some page text is untranslated
#98 - Error when searching a text UDF field
#95 - Some DB queries still have odm_ hardcoded for db_prefix
#93 - Email notifications to reviewers when a file is awaiting review enhancement
#92 - Some admin sections not translated
#90 - Undefined index: secondary1 in udf_functions.php on line 274
#89 - Send an email to reviewers any time a new file is added
#53 - Type in the file auth comment screen

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