How can you help the OpenDocMan project?

I’m glad you asked!

If you like OpenDocMan and are looking for ways to help us out we are always happy to have new product evangelists. Here are a few ideas of ways to help us out (in no particular order):

  1. Submit your code changes
  2. Answer questions from users on our community forum
  3. Report any bugs you find
  4. Add new feature requests or vote on current requests
  5. Create a patch to fix a bug or add a new feature
  6. Like our Facebook Page
  7. Follow us on Twitter @opendocman
  8. Write about us on your blog
  9. Donate to our project
  10. Sign-up for hosted OpenDocMan
  11. Purchase an annual support contract
  12. Send us an email and tell us how you are using OpenDocMan at your company
  13. Create some documentation for the project
  14. Send us a testimonial that we can put on our website
  15. Visit our getsatisfaction page
  16. Help translate OpenDocMan into your language

Any of those items in the list help a lot. Our project is run by volunteers. The more the merrier.


Stephen Lawrence – OpenDocMan Developer


UI Design

I am in the process of re-designing the OpenDocMan UI. I will be posting some wireframe ideas on our feedback site. You can check back there to see the UI candidates and vote,etc.

For the UI wire frame, I am using an outstanding tool from Balsamiq called Balsamiq Mockups. More info can be found here:

Balsamiq Mockups


Installation Assistance Available

Logical Arts is now providing fee-based installation support for OpenDocMan. Please contact them at their site to schedule an installation: OpenDocMan Installation Assistance


Demo Site Created

A new demo site has been set up running the latest version of OpenDocMan at

Login as:

Username: demo

Password: demo

Username: admin

Password: admin