OpenDocMan version 1.2p1 released

There has been a new release posted on the download site. This is version 1.2p1 and is a release that fixes bugs in 1.2-Final. All users are encouraged to upgrade.
To update: Install this in a new directory and edit the config.php file to match your old one. Thats it.

  • view_file.php: applied patch #[ 1014553 ] MIME decoding problem – blackwes
  • check-out.php, view_file.php: fixed bug #[ 999102 ] mozilla download error
  • error.php, add.php, config.php: fixed bug # [ 1000887 ] There is no warning message when a file is too big
  • functions.php: fixed bug [ 1003626 ] draw statusbar and menu
  • config.php, functions.php: fixed bug [ 1003629 ] config.php mis-nomer
  • search.php: fixed bug#[ 1006450 ] filtering docs with browse by
  • index.php: fixed bug #[ 1043583 ] index should check for missing dirs
  • toBePublished.php: fixed bug #[ 1028268 ] mail not sent on reject – Chad B.
  • commitchange.php: fixed bug when updating user
  • category.php, department.php: fixed bug where non-admin could edit items – c. bloomquist
  • category.php, department.php: fixed bug # 1000380 – category and department security fixes – c. bloomquist
  • check_exp.php: fixed bug about no footer
  • check_exp.php: fixed bug #1003648- no footer on check_exp.php – c. bloomquist
  • index.php, include/library/functions.php: added login username field validation added long php tags
  • functions.php, index.php: fixed bug #999791 – username login field validation
  • view_file.php: fixed spaces in filename bug fixed view file perms check bug – c. bloomquist
  • view_file.php: Fixed bug #999780 – added perm check to view/downloading files – C. Bloomquist
  • commitchange.php: initial addition of updateuser admin logic – needs testing
  • commitchange.php: Added admin logic – thanks Chad changed submit checks to POST with new verbose action values as the keys changed all _REQUEST vars to appropriate _POST/_GET vars for security and integrity reformatted some if’s
  • department.php: moved cancel logic to end added admin check for bug #1000380 – thanks chad changed _REQUEST vars to proper GET or POST removed defunct delete logic changed submit buttons to be named submit and have value = verbose action
  • user.php: changed post submit buttons to all be named submit, with the action as the value
  • admin.php: added comments
  • secureurl.php: added closing ?>
  • view_file.php: fixed bug# 999102 submitted by Chad Blomquist – spaces in filenames fails download in mozilla
  • commitchange.php: applied security checks for each action