OpenDocMan v1.2.8.1 Released

This release includes bug fixes and enhancements. No database changes.

#175 – Admin setting doesn’t stick
#174 – Permissions Links inconsistent between themes
#173 – add image/svg as standard document type

#171 – Feature – Add Bengali Language
#157 – Add DWG to mimetypes.php


OpenDocMan v1.2.8 Released

Version 1.2.8 of OpenDocMan has been release. This release includes a new limited-user feature as well as a fix for some Windows file path issues. This release contains database changes.

The limited-user feature allows the administrator to enable/disable access to the “Add” and “Check-In” areas for specific users. This also removes the menu items.


OpenDocMan DMS – Commit Log 4/17/2012

Some UI cleanup on the buttons in the admin tools. Fixed issue with reviewers not able to admin a file in the review queue. Added input validation to more forms. Altered the add/edit user to auto-hide the reviewer field if Admin is checked, since admin > reviewer. Cleaned up some stray undefined index warnings. Fixed the delete/undelete file admin tool. Admin can now see all files.


- 0000462: [Database] Reviewer cannot admin files that are in review queue (logart) - resolved.
- 0000291: [Input Validation] Input validation - admin tools (logart) - resolved.
- 0000453: [User Interface] UI - Clicking cancel on the Add User screen causing input validation to fire off (logart) - resolved.
- 0000455: [User Interface] Edit/Add User - Admin checkbox should show/hide reviewer selection list (logart) - resolved.
- 0000324: [Core] Admin users should see all reviewable files (logart) - resolved.
- 0000457: [User Interface] Select Dropdowns 1st line text is wrapping onto 2nd line (logart) - resolved.
- 0000458: [Error] undefined index last_message - admin pages (logart) - resolved.
- 0000461: [Core] Delete/Undelete - Undelete file not working. (logart) - resolved.
- 0000456: [User Interface] Buttons on various forms are not aligned nicely in all browsers (logart) - resolved.