A new version of our open source document management system, OpenDocMan,  has been released which includes the following changes:

  • Added some new hooks into the API for department admin pages to make adding plug-in features to the department admin page possible.
  • Issue #45 – Add sub-selects to the UDF system to allow for a new UDF type which provides Select->Sub-Select values to be created for files.
  • Issue #22 – Category View – display files assigned to category
  • Issue #11 – The ability to replace a document with another having a different filename.
  • Added ‘ENGINE = MYISAM’ to the DB create statements for compatibility issues
  • Issue #58 – Update Italian DataTables translation
  • Issue #68 – Update Croatian Language
  • Issue #44 – Add Revision number to file detail
  • Issue #49 – Add image/pdf to default file types


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