OpenDocMan v1.3.1 Released

OpenDocMan v1.3.1 includes some bug fixes. No database changes are required:

  • Issue #195 – Installer – DB version detection not working
  • Issue #194 – Old password logins are not working
  • Issue #191 – database.sql – user is being created w/o md5()
  • Issue #190 – Undefined index Dept_Perms_class.php line 361
  • Issue #189 – Plugins – Add/Edit pages not showing form fields for plugins properly

Download v1.3.1 here


OpenDocMan v1.3.0 Released

OpenDocMan v1.3.0 includes security fixes, bug fixes, and code cleanup. PHP extension pdo-mysql is now used for all database queries. All users are highly encouraged to upgrade. This update includes database modifications.

  • Fix potential XSS exploit
  • Fix potential SQL injection exploits
  • Fix issue #186 – Don’t create file records until file upload is verified
  • Fix issue #128 – Move from mysql_query() to PDO for SQL queries
  • Removed the “secure url” admin setting since it was mis-leading and ineffective
  • General code cleanup and refactoring. Removed un-used code. Removed un-used files.

Download available


OpenDocMan v1.2.9 Released

v1.2.9 includes bug fixes as well as new features. The release includes database updates.

#182 Details page is showing reviewer comments instead of the file comment
#181 Site settings page doesn’t show error messages
#180 Add a max_query limit to the site settings to improve performance. This should help users who have a large amount of files and noticed slow page loads on the main page, especially admin users. We will no “limit” the number of files that show up in the normal file list page, but have no limit for search results. This limit will be set in the Admin->Site Settings->max_query setting with a default to 500.
#179 Clean up the db install/upgrade to make it more clear
#177 Login page – text has no left margin
#176 Missing columns int the database.sql file
#87 Missing slash on the end of the dataDir (Site Settings Page) causes problems


OpenDocMan v1.2.8.1 Released

This release includes bug fixes and enhancements. No database changes.

#175 – Admin setting doesn’t stick
#174 – Permissions Links inconsistent between themes
#173 – add image/svg as standard document type

#171 – Feature – Add Bengali Language
#157 – Add DWG to mimetypes.php


OpenDocMan v1.2.8 Released

Version 1.2.8 of OpenDocMan has been release. This release includes a new limited-user feature as well as a fix for some Windows file path issues. This release contains database changes.

The limited-user feature allows the administrator to enable/disable access to the “Add” and “Check-In” areas for specific users. This also removes the menu items.


OpenDocMan v1.2.7.3 – Release Notes

OpenDocMan v1.2.7.3 has been released which includes a security fix, a bug fix for sub-select UDF fields, and the arabic language.

You can download the latest release from Here


OpenDocMan v1.2.7.2 Released

OpenDocMan v1.2.7.2 has been released which includes security fixes. This release does not include any database changes. All users are strongly urged to update to the latest version.

Changes included in this release:

SQL injection issue

You can download the latest version here.


OpenDocMan v1.2.7.1 Release

OpenDocMan v1.2.7.1 has been released which includes security and bug fixes. This release does not include any database changes. All users are strongly urged to update to the latest version.

Changes included in this release:

  • SQL injection issue
  • Security updates
  • #148 – Permission settings disappear when more than 10 users/departments
  • #139 – Assign to department is showing for non-admin users
  •  #138 – Added Romanian translation
  • #137 – Missing language translations

The latest version can be downloaded here.

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OpenDocMan DMS Release 1.2.7

OpenDocMan 1.2.7 as been released. This release does not include any database changes but it does include a change to the Department/User permissions section on the Add and Edit File pages as well as other bug fixes.

Changes included in this release:

  • #136 – File details not showing last reviewer comment
  • #132 – Use full PHP opening tags rather than short ones which may be unsupported
  • #131 – Remove all short tags
  • #125 – EDIT option issue
  • #83 – User Defined Fields – Filter isn’t working also in version
  • #79 – Re-factor the add/edit pages to use a more straightforward UI enhancement
  • #67 – User Defined Fields – Filter-by not working bug
Download the latest release


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OpenDocMan Release – Change Log

This release is a minor update with security fixes, bug fixes, and language file changes. No database changes.

Changelog (10/16/2013)

* 112: Add Czech Translation
* 122: Mime-Type Check Fails if function_exists(‘mime_content_type’) but returns null
* 126: Update spanish translation from
* 129: URL redirection security
* 130: Update Italian Translation from