1.2.6 Beta Commit Log – 3/11/2012

This is a commit that creates some significant changes in the template system as well as the add/edit permissions. I moved the entire “header” of the “default” theme into one template file. This will make it easier to created custom templates. Also added translations to dataTables as well as the new multi-select tool. Initial fix for the IE-Centered text that was causing the pages to look bad. Will work more on that once all the HTML is moved into smarty template files. The User permissions area, and the filetypes editor are not using multiselect with filter. This allows for using checkboxes instead of shift/crtl-click to select items in the multiple input select boxes. Hopefully this change will make the Specific User Permissions section a little clearer.

0000428: UI – User submission of details.php/history.php design
0000430: Language – Add translations to datatablesDescription
0000413: Text in UI is centered where it shouldn’t be in IE
0000426: UI – Add MultiSelect feature to the Specific User Perms section in add/edit file pages
0000429: Convert HTML to smarty for all pages (login page, out page, and Header/Menu/Statusbar done). Themes should be easier now that all themes just need a custom header.tpl and footer.tpl.