Off Site Backup and Storage

In addition to our OpenDocMan DMS application, we also provide a simple, secure off-site backup and file storage system that can be accessed at any time using many popular file tools. This can be used as disaster recovery location for your OpenDocMan system, or for any other file storage uses.

  • Easy, simple setup for Windows, Mac and Unix systems
  • Compatible with the OpenDocMan Backup plug-in (available to our hosted customers)
  • Geographically redundant around the world
  • Unlimited data transfers
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The Filesystem

Your filesystem is a normal filesystem, and will preserve all the permissions, the access times, and any other attributes of your files.

Windows systems can access the filesystem with:

– A simple, powerful Backup Agent
– You can map it as a drive letter for simple drag and drop access
– Using WinSCP, CuteFTP, or any ftp/sftp/scp program
– The cwRsync version of the powerful rsync backup utility (rsync.exe)

Macintosh systems can access the file storage with:

– The rsync tool that is built into OS X
– Connect to the filesystem in the Finder for simple drag and drop access
– Fugu, Interarchy, Fetch, Transmit, or any other ftp/sftp/scp tool

UNIX system access with:

– rsync, scp, sftp, ftp, rdiff-backup, Unison, duplicity
– standard unix commands over SSH
– Use as a local mount point with sshfs

Regardless of your operating system, any tool that runs over standard FTP, SSH or WebDAV transports can be used with our offsite filesystem.

In addition, the filesystem allows remote access and manipulation of subversion repositories as well as remote database dumps of MySQL and Postgres databases.

There are NO arbitrary restrictions on your use of these tools to manipulate your filesystem. You may feel free to utilize or combine or rewrite these access methods in any way you see fit.

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Account Details

– All customers receive unlimited integration and ongoing technical support

– Your account includes unlimited inbound and outbound data transfer

– IPV4 and IPV6 network connectivity

– Unlimited license to use our Windows Backup Agent

– Automate with SSH keys

– Remote SSH commands (md5, mv, cp, rm, svnserve, dd, etc.) supported

– Multiple logins and custom access/permissions

– Encrypted Filesystem Support

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Standard Offsite Filesystem – 10GB / $8 per month
Standard Offsite Filesystem – 20GB / $16 per month

Geo-Redundant Filesystem – 10GB / $11.40 per month
Geo-Redundant Filesystem – 20GB / $22.80

Quantity discounts are available.

Please Call for pricing on quantities of 5000 GB and larger.

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