We Can Host and Manage Your OpenDocMan Site For You!

We can take all the work out of document management by installing, configuring, hosting, and supporting OpenDocMan for you.

With our hosted OpenDocMan you will be able to manage your documents from anywhere you have internet access. And our secure system is backed up daily to protect your important data. We also have an optional automated off-site backup system that will keep your data safe. And because these are our private servers, you have the security in knowing that your document management system will be secure.

We offer three service levels:

  1. Basic Plan – 5gb disk space, 10gb data transfer (USD $24.95 / month). Sign-Up
  2. Standard Plan – 10gb disk space, 20gb data transfer (USD $44.95 /month). Sign-Up
  3. Professional Plan – 20gb disk space, 40gb data transfer (USD $69.95 / month). Sign-Up

If you require a larger server please contact us for a quote.