New Features/Fixes Upcoming

There are a number of new features upcoming for the 1.2.6 release and I felt like doing a preview of them to get some feedback from the community.

Feature: Web-based configuration – Gone is editing the config.php file for all the various settings. The only thing it holds now is the database connection info. There is going to be a new admin option called Edit Settings which will provide you with a nice web form for updating all of the various opendocman settings.

Feature: Multi-Language support – We have integrated a translation feature into OpenDocMan that will allow anyone to translate their own languages. Currently have Dutch, German, Spanish and Turkish. To translate a new language you would just need to copy the /includes/language/english.php file and rename it to your language. Then proceed to translate the various words and phrases from english to your own language. The new language will then be available in the Edit Settings page.

Feature: Web-based Filetypes Editor – You no longer have to edit the config.php file to add/update filetypes. There is now a new admin settings page called Edit File Types that lets you Select/Unselect/Add/Delete new filetypes that are allowed to be uploaded to your DMS.

Feature: jQuery Table output – The default file list code has been converted over to a nice jQuery table, with sortable columns, search, and pagination features. This replaces a hand-made system that was bloated and complex.

Feature: New UI Tweeks – Some improvements to the overall UI including new button styling, and more visual feedback messages.

Feature: Improved installer logic to provide better feedback to user on errors

Many bug fixes including:

  • Non-admin user promoting themselves to admin
  • Fresh install should use IF NOT EXISTS for db creation
  • allowedFileTypes – not used for Adding a file, but is used for check-in
  • PHP 5.3 Depricated functions
  • Depricated function – ereg
  • Usage of MySQL’s PASSWORD function in OpenDocMan
  • Search by filename is hardcoded to be non-wildcard
  • Add user error Incorrect integer value

We also have a list of some features that will be looked at for v2.0. You can vote on these features at our uservoice site

If you have any questions you can contact us our forums or our getsatisfaction page.


How can you help the OpenDocMan project?

I’m glad you asked!

If you like OpenDocMan and are looking for ways to help us out we are always happy to have new product evangelists. Here are a few ideas of ways to help us out (in no particular order):

  1. Submit your code changes
  2. Answer questions from users on our community forum
  3. Report any bugs you find
  4. Add new feature requests or vote on current requests
  5. Create a patch to fix a bug or add a new feature
  6. Like our Facebook Page
  7. Follow us on Twitter @opendocman
  8. Write about us on your blog
  9. Donate to our project
  10. Sign-up for hosted OpenDocMan
  11. Purchase an annual support contract
  12. Send us an email and tell us how you are using OpenDocMan at your company
  13. Create some documentation for the project
  14. Send us a testimonial that we can put on our website
  15. Visit our getsatisfaction page
  16. Help translate OpenDocMan into your language

Any of those items in the list help a lot. Our project is run by volunteers. The more the merrier.


Stephen Lawrence – OpenDocMan Developer