I knew that OpenDocMan DMS was used all around the world, but I never had any idea how many of our users are outside of the US. Only around 40% of our visitors are from the US, than means that 60% are coming from elsewhere. With that in mind, and some discussion with a user in Turkey recently, I have started work once again on an old internationalization feature request. Most of the logic is done, so I am now in the process of placing the proper tags throughout the program to display each message in its translated form.

One thing that will be a big help would be some assistance with translating into various languages. If you have an interest in helping out with this, please visit our Feature Requests forum and reply to that feature request post for I18N. Let us know which language you would be willing to translate. Translation is pretty simple, just a matter of editing a language file and converting the various words, phrases, and sentences from the English version into your language.

I hope to have this feature released, along with a couple of other new items, in the next couple of weeks.