OpenDocMan 1.2 Final Released

This release is the final release for version 1.2. All users are encouraged to upgrade. If upgrading from 1.2rc2 or 1.2rc3, there are no DB changes.

Next release will be 1.3rc1.


  • install/odm.php, database.sql: changed admin email to RFC compliant
  • config.php: vanilla changed default URL to RFC proper
  • added copyright to all files added and added Khoa Nguyen to copyright notices where appropriate
  • commitchange.php: fixed security vulnerability where commitchange was not checking to make sure users were authorized to make the requested changes
  • functions.php: fixed bug ID#982733: modified_on column sort error in out.php
  • details.php: Fixed bug ID#917813: View only was able to read
  • setup.php: Added smart defaults for database connection form and
  • Added more feedback during installation steps
  • view_file.php: Fixed bug ID#909399: View file does not open in new window
  • toBePublished.php: fixed short tags added braces to if’s
  • profile.php: case change on php tag
  • delete.php: cleaned up braces added isset’s
  • add.php, edit.php: added Joe Jeskiewicz fix to spTo_
  • edit.php: added an isset for forbidden array to keep notices from showing in source code when no forbidden are selected
  • functions.php: fixed < ? tags that were causing $ in functions.php error
  • images/companylogo.gif: changed logo to opendocman logo