OpenDocMan v1.3.0 Released

OpenDocMan v1.3.0 includes security fixes, bug fixes, and code cleanup. PHP extension pdo-mysql is now used for all database queries. All users are highly encouraged to upgrade. This update includes database modifications.

  • Fix potential XSS exploit
  • Fix potential SQL injection exploits
  • Fix issue #186 – Don’t create file records until file upload is verified
  • Fix issue #128 – Move from mysql_query() to PDO for SQL queries
  • Removed the “secure url” admin setting since it was mis-leading and ineffective
  • General code cleanup and refactoring. Removed un-used code. Removed un-used files.

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0 Comments Release – OpenDocMan – Free Document Management System introduces a couple of small security fixes, and a bug fix for an error message during file rejection. This release does not contain database changes.

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  • #60 Call to undefined function addLogEntry() – toBePublished.php
  • #61 Make sure check-in ID is int
  • #62 User can checkout when not allowed