OpenDocMan 1.3.5 Release Notes

OpenDocMan v1.3.5 includes security and bug fixes. No database changes are required. Recommended that all users upgrade from older versions.

Issues resolved:

– Fixed #226 – video/3gpp type
– Fixed #229 – computed base url during install
– Fixed #232 – space separator in dropdown
– Fixed #233 – Add Tamil language
– Fixed #240 – add correct port details to config sample
– Fixed #241 – Added CSRF protection
– Fixed #242 – Added output escaping to views
– Fixed #244 – password fields during install
– Fixed #245 – revision view not working for historical revisions


– Add missing x-zip to installer, remove invalid default date values in schema
– Cleanup last_message to use urlencode()
– Added composer.phar and /vendor folder for dependency management
– Added phplint to require-dev for build tests
– Clean up PHP_SELF usage


OpenDocMan v1.3.1 Released

OpenDocMan v1.3.1 includes some bug fixes. No database changes are required:

  • Issue #195 – Installer – DB version detection not working
  • Issue #194 – Old password logins are not working
  • Issue #191 – database.sql – user is being created w/o md5()
  • Issue #190 – Undefined index Dept_Perms_class.php line 361
  • Issue #189 – Plugins – Add/Edit pages not showing form fields for plugins properly

Download v1.3.1 here


OpenDocMan v1.2.7.3 – Release Notes

OpenDocMan v1.2.7.3 has been released which includes a security fix, a bug fix for sub-select UDF fields, and the arabic language.

You can download the latest release from Here


OpenDocMan DMS Release 1.2.7

OpenDocMan 1.2.7 as been released. This release does not include any database changes but it does include a change to the Department/User permissions section on the Add and Edit File pages as well as other bug fixes.

Changes included in this release:

  • #136 – File details not showing last reviewer comment
  • #132 – Use full PHP opening tags rather than short ones which may be unsupported
  • #131 – Remove all short tags
  • #125 – EDIT option issue
  • #83 – User Defined Fields – Filter isn’t working also in version
  • #79 – Re-factor the add/edit pages to use a more straightforward UI enhancement
  • #67 – User Defined Fields – Filter-by not working bug
Download the latest release


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OpenDocMan Release Notes –

OpenDocMan DMS version has been released and includes the following changes. Not database updates are required:

  • XSS security improvements
  • Issue #94 -Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in FileTypes_class.php on line 59
  • Issue #82 – No menu items in small browser window
  • Issue #54 – Rejected File – View reviewers comment – link broken
  • Issue #51 – Tweeter theme menu button not working for mobile devices

All users are encouraged to update to the latest version

2 Comments Release – OpenDocMan – Free Document Management System introduces a couple of small security fixes, and a bug fix for an error message during file rejection. This release does not contain database changes.

Download OpenDocMan

  • #60 Call to undefined function addLogEntry() – toBePublished.php
  • #61 Make sure check-in ID is int
  • #62 User can checkout when not allowed
2 Comments Release – OpenDocMan – Free Document Management System introduces a small security fix, a new file access_log feature, new translations, and various bug fixes. This release contains database changes.

Download OpenDocMan

Fixed CSRF issue

  • #5 UI – File Types tool buttons mis-aligned
  • #12 Add a file access log
  • #33 Add Open Document Format mime types by default
  • #35 Add mysql comments to the config-sample.php and installer
  • #36 Dutch translations missing
  • #38 Last message alert area is hiding, it should stay visible
  • #39 Registration link not showing
  • #40 Italian Translation
  • #42 Integrate French Translation

1.2.6 Beta Commit Log – Feb 16, 2012

Today I committed a bunch of smaller changes as well as a big change. I have attempted to resolve most of the performance issues with the file list taking too long to load when there are 1000+ files in the system. Need more users to test this and provide feedback to determine if this issue is resolved.
  • UDF: Admin menu item shows blank for admin (non root) user
  • UDF: Need error trapping for mysql queries in the udf_functions
  • Large number of files causes out.php to respond slowly during initial load
  • Plug-ins: Add a hook for acting on the File->Edit/add data before it is saved
  • Add plugin hooks for file list

OpenDocMan is an open source document management system designed to comply with ISO 17025 for document management.


New Features/Fixes Upcoming

There are a number of new features upcoming for the 1.2.6 release and I felt like doing a preview of them to get some feedback from the community.

Feature: Web-based configuration – Gone is editing the config.php file for all the various settings. The only thing it holds now is the database connection info. There is going to be a new admin option called Edit Settings which will provide you with a nice web form for updating all of the various opendocman settings.

Feature: Multi-Language support – We have integrated a translation feature into OpenDocMan that will allow anyone to translate their own languages. Currently have Dutch, German, Spanish and Turkish. To translate a new language you would just need to copy the /includes/language/english.php file and rename it to your language. Then proceed to translate the various words and phrases from english to your own language. The new language will then be available in the Edit Settings page.

Feature: Web-based Filetypes Editor – You no longer have to edit the config.php file to add/update filetypes. There is now a new admin settings page called Edit File Types that lets you Select/Unselect/Add/Delete new filetypes that are allowed to be uploaded to your DMS.

Feature: jQuery Table output – The default file list code has been converted over to a nice jQuery table, with sortable columns, search, and pagination features. This replaces a hand-made system that was bloated and complex.

Feature: New UI Tweeks – Some improvements to the overall UI including new button styling, and more visual feedback messages.

Feature: Improved installer logic to provide better feedback to user on errors

Many bug fixes including:

  • Non-admin user promoting themselves to admin
  • Fresh install should use IF NOT EXISTS for db creation
  • allowedFileTypes – not used for Adding a file, but is used for check-in
  • PHP 5.3 Depricated functions
  • Depricated function – ereg
  • Usage of MySQL’s PASSWORD function in OpenDocMan
  • Search by filename is hardcoded to be non-wildcard
  • Add user error Incorrect integer value

We also have a list of some features that will be looked at for v2.0. You can vote on these features at our uservoice site

If you have any questions you can contact us our forums or our getsatisfaction page.