1.2.6 Beta – Change Log – 02/12/2011

These commits are mostly minor bug fixes to the 1.2.6beta. Of substantial note is the new "Delete Department" feature that has been a long time coming. It will now prompt you to choose a department to re-assign the old department data to. There are no database updates in this latest round of changes. Please bang on this release a bit and report any bugs/issues/suggestions at: OpenDocMan Bug Tracking Download here: 1.2.6 Daily 02/12/2011 Changelog - 0000338: [User Interface] Cannot delete department (logart) - resolved. - 0000359: [Input Validation] Cannot delete category (logart) - resolved. - 0000353: [User Interface] settings.php is loading installation css file, causing page width issues (logart) - resolved. - 0000352: [Database] Upgrade from to 1.2.6 does not add filetypes entries (logart) - resolved. - 0000347: [Plugin] Part of plug-in implementation not working (logart) - resolved. - 0000348: [Plugin] Redirect error when loading HelloWorld plug-in page (logart) - resolved. - 0000345: [Database] Could not update version number during upgrade from v1.2.5.7 to v1.2.6 (logart) - resolved. - 0000344: [Core] Config.php and cannot select 1.2.6 for reporting (logart) - resolved. - 0000343: [Input Validation] File checkout process in IE7 renames the file using underscores (logart) - resolved. - 0000302: [Core] Move /etc/mime.types usage to only mime-types in odm file (logart) - resolved. - 0000334: [Core] Notice: Undefined index: page_limit in search.php on line 50 (logart) - resolved.